Fashion Collection - by Kaya

Fashion Collection - by Kaya

Tulum is a place of natural beauty and an equally beautiful natural fashion. Walking around the town and the beach, you will notice a unique style native to this area. It's more grounded with nature and connects you with the spirit of this beautiful land. In Kaya, we love to imprint the value and appreciation of handmade pieces with both social and ecological impact on each design, doing our part to contribute to fare-trade, local production, and respect for the environment.


We feel blessed to be able to produce a full line of Organic Clothing as we consider this to be as important as the fit and design. Organic Cotton is made from natural seeds, without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. Your skin will feel the difference as it is much softer fabric, having the feel of linen but without the weight making it lighter and more comfortable. 



Our full Organic line includes Kaftans, Ponchos, and hoddies coming directly from khadi Oaxaca. Khadi was created by mahatma Gandhi to provide self-employment and self-reliance to the people of India under British rule. Following the same guidelines, Kadhi Oaxaca was created almost a decade ago. Teaching the families how to use the pedal loom weaving, being possible to bring this hand spun and hand woven technics resulting in beautiful textile khadi, creations not only with natural fabrics friendly with our environment but also bringing sustainability and development for local artisans.


In this line, you can find:

Camel Brown long Kaftan, Dark blue long Kaftan, Blue and white stripes long kaftan, Black and brown short kaftan, Beige Poncho with Hoodie, Blue and white stripes ponchos, Carmel Brown ponchos. Blue and white stripes poncho, Camel brown poncho, camel brown Poncho, Dark Blue Poncho, Beige Poncho, Beige Long Kaftan. 



They are dyed with natural and non-toxic materials creating the most beautiful palette mother earth can provide, imprinting the natural feeling on each item. The local wild pericón is the plant used to dye fabrics yellow. This plant is harvested in summer and is used fresh. We use indigo from the Isthmus of Oaxaca region to dye our yarn blue and green. We obtain brown from the oak bark collected in the forests of the Sierra Sur, and we use the great cochineal produced in the Oaxaca Valley to achieve pink. 


Additionally, you will find in our handmade collection beautiful dresses to feed your free spirit. All of our dresses are unique in color and fit. They take about a month to produce and the loose design allows them to be one size that will fit into most types of bodies. 


Our Tulum dress will make you feel sexy with its open back showing just enough. It's fresh, and even though it is mostly worn in the beach areas, you can transform it for different occasions with the right accessories. It's available in black, white, grey, and bronze colors.



Following this sexy line we have our best seller Kaya dress, it's described to be a perfect dress for a sunny day but also ideal for any occasion; it's available in many colors: Black, gray, white bronze, Peach, Blue, Dark Red, Natural, Amethyst you can also adjust it from the back to ensure a perfect fit.



On the other hand, the Valladolid dress offers a different fit for the dress neckline. In this case, you can highlight the front fit but still showing a beautiful back with crossed laces adjusting the grip as necessary and with an extended sexy cut on the side. Available in 

black, grey, white, bronze, peach, blue, dark red, natural, amethyst.


For a more conventional fit, you can find our Be dress either in Black or White; it's shorter than the other models and has a beautiful cut on the side. 


If you are into a strapless fit, our Bacalar dress will highlight your shoulders, perfect for the beach, or with a delicate necklace or bracelet will turn it from a casual dress to a dinner dress. 

Available in black, white, grey, and bronze.


Lastly, our Coba dresses it the game changer with it's V neck casual. This summer dress also has long sleeves to cover up and protect you more for the sunlight or a chili sunset with lace details on the sides, is available in black, white, grey, and bronze colors.

All of them are handmade here in Mexico from gauze fabric, 100% Cotton. All of our collection is simple to maintain, with the same love and care these pieces have been pre-washed and line dried to avoid shrinkage. We strongly recommend hand washing them and avoid putting them on the machine or under the sun. 

We hope that on each style we can transmit the passion of what we do in each creation and the respect we have for our local artisans' community and mother earth taking it this home with you.