How to Look Stunning at Your Next Beach Party

How to Look Stunning at Your Next Beach Party

Beach day has a different meaning for everyone. For some, it’s a quick spin on a surfboard, while others look for a secluded romantic spot. But none of us can deny the thrill of beach parties! Whether you’re planning to sunbathe or go for a beach-to-brunch, beachside style calls for prior preparation.

Typically, a beach outfit is a simple swimsuit and a pair of flip-flops. But you can play around with trendy designs, oomph up your looks with unique jewelry and some beach curls. When it comes to beach clothing ideas, there are innumerable ways to look stylish- even if you’re not all that crazy about wearing polka dot bikinis. 

Step out from your comfort zone and enjoy soaking up the rays in colorful and chic summer party outfits. Our contemporary beach looks are perfect for all kinds of beach plans, including family get-togethers, destination (beach) weddings, and high-end BBQ nights. Check out these chic and modern beach outfit ideas to make a style statement: 

Beach Vacation Outfits

There’s nothing quite like preparing for a relaxing day at the beach. Choose a beach day outfit that’s comfortable, fun, and casual for a stunning look. 

Pick out a cute, vibrant bikini set and partner it with a cover-up, like a short beach dress or kaftan. Finally, complete your look with a large straw tote to carry your water bottle, sunscreen, beach read, and other must-haves.

Boho Beach Outfits

Achieve a beautiful boho beach outfit by going for the bohemian style. Feel free and happy with playful prints, smart cuts, unique textures, and easy-going designs.

Try wearing a printed bikini with denim cut-offs, a crotched top, and gladiator sandals. You can even wear a flair-y light material long dress for a perfect bohemian look that also prevents sunburn without slathering SPF. Perfect for summer beach parties, it enhances your silhouettes. Match it with funky jewelry and other accessories to spruce up your look for beach gatherings. 

Sexy Beach Outfits

Dress to impress on your beach date by picking a sexy, stunning beach outfit. Put away your printed one-piece and instead choose a classy black bikini. 

Then, cover up with a sheer sarong with a side-split and a wide-brimmed hat. You may accentuate your look with aviator sunglasses and small, delicate jewelry. 

Summer Date Outfits

Are you planning to go on a romantic walk along the scenic shorelines? Or do you want to go on a lovely beach date with your significant other? It is so romantic to watch the sunset and enjoy the blissful shoreline, but only a handful of beach sand in your shoes or hair can spoil the mood. 

A right beach outfit can set the sail high! If you’re surfing the internet to find the perfect ensemble for your beach date, then look no more! Pick up an off-the-shoulder, knee-length dress for a summer beach date and pair it with flat sandals, a fringe bucket bag, and a wide-brimmed hat.

Spice it up with a thick, monochromatic belt, tulle skirt, chain-link long shoulder bag, and nude wedges. Clip your hair in a half ponytail to experience the cool breeze without getting hair in your face. But if you’re planning to go on a beach during winter, then add up a warm jacket and wear an ankle-length flowy, lacy dress instead. You can further enhance the entire look with sneakers, a fur bag, and a beaded bracelet. 

Evening Party Outfits 

Attending a beach party in the evening or night calls for a simple yet gorgeous dress. Plus, evening parties offer you the perfect opportunity to experiment with new outfits. It is because as the sun hides behind the horizon, no one will be able to see your tan lines and sunburns.

Be bold and choose something that you typically wouldn’t wear at the weekend, or keep it classy by selecting a dress that accentuates your best features.


Playsuits are gorgeous day beachwear; however, this piece of clothing works harder than all the others in your closet. Before you buy, ensure you can move around and sit in your playsuit. 

Playsuits are all about fun and playfulness, so look for printed, patterned, and vibrant fabrics. Plus, you can choose from various fun shapes, including strapless, halter-neck, spaghetti, and more.

Oversized Shirts 

Oversized shirts can be of any color, shape, size. You can choose one from your wardrobe or steal it from your boyfriend or brother. 

This outfit is your fall-back option when nothing else seems to work. If you’re wearing a classic swimsuit, be bold in your shirt choice; choose a neon tone. 

If you’re planning to wear a brightly colored or patterned bikini, enhance its beauty by selecting a sheer shirt with minimal designs.

Mismatched Bikinis

People don’t only wear mismatched bikinis when they forget to pack the right combos. Instead, it’s a fun way to get more out of your bikinis by creating cute and unique combinations. 

You may mix two solid colors that complement each other, or you can choose one patterned piece. 

Outfits for a Stroll

Add flair to your boring cover-ups with casual pants. Look for fun pants with unique string detailing and cutouts to make your outfit look stunning and flirty. 

Pair it with a triangle bikini tip, cute jewelry, and trendy accessories to grab everyone’s attention. 

Beach Wedding Outfits

Summer is the ideal season for stunning beach weddings. But while beach weddings offer picturesque views, dressing up for them can be pretty tricky. 

Beat the heat while looking beautiful by selecting a printed or patterned maxi dress or kaftan in a lightweight and luxurious fabric. Finally, match your outfit with dressy sandals and trendy jewelry. 

Open-Weave Cover-Up

Embrace DIY and comfy vibes by selecting a crochet cover-up. You can make or buy an open-weave cover-up to ensure an easy-going beach outfit. 

Consider wearing a colorful and bright swimsuit underneath that peeks out from the open weaves.

The Bottom Line

Make a fashion statement this summer by choosing one of the many beach outfits mentioned above. These outfits serve as your inspiration, from cute beach day outfits to romantic date night looks. 

Look stunning throughout your beach vacation by pairing your outfits with the perfect accessories. Here at KAYA, we feature an extensive catalog of attention-grabbing accessories and cute bags to accentuate your look.