Simple Way to Pack for A Tulum Trip

Simple Way to Pack for A Tulum Trip

Simple Way to Pack for A Tulum Trip

Tulum offers much more than merely lazing on the beach all day. The tourist destination is not only popular among tourists but also among celebrities. That's why the spot draws a crowd of influencers and celebrities all year round. 

Tulum is a beach destination unlike any other and has a boho-chic-meets-Bali vibe. You can enjoy unique cenotes, endless sunny days, and stunning beaches. It is a hot spot for stylish slaying dresses like sheer, ruffled skirts and sensual swimsuits. 

So, what should you pack in your gear to capture insta-worthy pictures during your vacation to Tulum?

Long linen or cotton dresses, woven bags, handmade leather shoes/flip flops, straw hats, and all other accessories will help you compile a great outfit. 

If you are on your way to enjoying your dream vacation to Tulum, this guide is just for you so you can pack beautiful Tulum dresses and accessories. 

What to Pack for a Tulum Trip

A Sequins Dinner Dress

Tulum’s beach strip is home to many popular bars and trendy restaurants. Keep a few fancy dresses in your suitcase to look gorgeous and classy when you step out in the evening for drinks or dinner. 

Keeping a few dresses with sequins and elaborate details will be great for celebrating a memorable dinner with friends or family. For example, a Brocade Mini Dress will make you feel comfortable and add charm to your appeal. Remember to add comfortable linen or cotton dresses along with your fancy dresses. 

Jumpsuit For Beach Parties

The last thing you want to worry about is someone stepping on your fluffy or long dress. That’s why you must have a jumpsuit collection for your Tulum vacation. Wearing a one-piece outfit on such occasions will make you look effortlessly cool and feel comfortable. Choose from floral patterns or neutral colors, according to the event. 

A great thing about jumpsuits is that you can wear them to a formal dinner if you accessorize them correctly. For instance, wear it with heels, some clunky gold jewelry, and a black tuxedo blazer to look chic. Remember to complete your look with a dainty bag. 

Bathing Swimsuits

When choosing the best swimwear for your Tulum trip, a mix of one-pieces and bikinis give you plenty of variety. These outfits will add more convenience (and glam) for swimming in at the nearby cenotes. Choose suitable materials such as polyester, the most popular fabric for competitive swimwear. The latest manufacturing technologies in polyester are improving the material for creating more comfortable and durable swimwear. 

Tank Tops and T-Shirts

Depending on your trip length, you should pack three to four fashionable items, such as t-shirts or tank tops. A perfect outfit for sightseeing is a basic t-shirt paired with shorts or a skirt.

Mule Sandals

Some people prefer getting around Tulum by walking or hiking. If you are planning to hop on a cruiser bike or walk foot down the strip, there is no need to carry any stiletto heels. Mule sandals with a two-inch heel and under may not be the most comfortable footwear for strolling down Tulum streets but will complement most outfits. Flip-flops, boots, and rubber sandals are other options. 

Colorful Sunglasses

Most people need to pay more attention to the role of coverage when choosing the best sunglasses for travel. However, it is an essential part of every pair of sunglasses you choose for your Tulum vacation. The lens should be big enough to secure your eyes completely. Your eye area's skin is highly delicate and vulnerable to harm. Wraparound sunglasses are also effective for blocking light coming from the sides.

When visiting a tropical destination, such as Tulum, the environment inspires you to wear more color. So, a simple black pair will be too dull. Instead, choose from various electric and beautiful colors that match your outfits. 

Satin Headscarves

These dreamy headscarves are the perfect accent for any outfit. You can wear them around the neck, head, hair, waist, and on a hat. 

Bucket Hats 

Another accessory to protect your eyes from the sun on your Tulum vacation is a lovely bucket hat. So, regardless of the season, you choose to tour Tulum, remember to pack some pretty bucket hats to stay cool during the hot and sticky weather. Bucket hats come in trendy prints and fun colors, serving as a cute and functional accessory for your beach ensemble. 


Don’t overpack because you’ll likely lose a few earrings or rings on any beach trip. Counting the jewelry items and storing them wisely will ensure you don’t lose any items. For instance, keep four bracelets, two necklaces, and three pairs of earrings. Also, don’t forget to keep a couple of minimalist gold hoop earrings which go well with any outfit. 


Today's backpacks are as trendy as any other bag for women. Refrain from bringing your tiny shoulder bags or straw clutch to carry your belongings. Always keep a backpack when you travel. You can stay carry-on items for the plane and carry other belongings such as your phone, tablet, chargers, or photography equipment. 

Traveling Towel 

These towels make traveling so simple and convenient. A travel towel should be on your packing list for Tulum, especially if you intend to visit the beach or the cenotes. They are helpful and don't take up much space.

Final Thoughts 

Since it is both a beach and a jungle, the bohemian beach getaway is unique and famous throughout the year. Year-round temperatures in Tulum range from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Although you won't frequently need a sweater or jacket due to the tropical climate (sunscreen is essential), it's wise to pack one just in case of any chilly evenings.

If you tend to get hot easily, consider going to Tulum in the milder months of December to February. However, remember that this is also the peak time for tourists. Also, you want to avoid getting stuck in the rain or a hurricane. In that case, it's better to avoid the months of June to October because this is when the region's hurricane season begins and precipitation increases.