A Closer Look at Women Wardrobe Staples

A Closer Look at Women Wardrobe Staples

Wardrobe staples are the foundation of every wardrobe. Fashion-trending items serve you well only for a limited time, but once they're outdated, you have no use for them.

Have you ever lived a moment in time where you looked at your wardrobe and said, "I have all I need"? We're guessing you have, but this is not your story alone. Typically, every woman worldwide, celebrities excluded, look at their wardrobe each time and wail that they have nothing to wear.

It's all about having the right wardrobe staples in your closet. If you have the basics, you'll never be short of ideas of putting outfits together you love, irrespective of the occasion. In this article, we're going to list down the absolute staples every wardrobe must house, including yours. 

    1. One White Shirt

This is a timeless piece, and a button-down variety in white is the foundation of endless possibilities. There is no end to the styles you can create with a white shirt for every trend in every season. From denim jeans, miniskirts, ballet flats to blazers, a white shirt goes well with all. 

You need to have at least one of these in your wardrobe at all times. 

    2. Penny Loafers

This is an enduring classic, and you can trace back centuries since this wardrobe staple has maintained a style mileage. They're so versatile and essential that no men's and women's wardrobe can ever be complete without penny loafers.

You can create streamlined looks with loafers under floral dresses or live up to your masculine connotations by pairing these oversized suits etc. Loafers are a match made in haven with denim in any form and every other outfit you choose. 

    3. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets may only take the backseat during summers, depending on where you live, but it is still a timeless wardrobe essential. We could run out of space listing down the endless ways in which you can style this classic piece. 

Whether it's a morning affair or an evening event, denim jackets not only keep you but also compliment any outfit you select. 

    4. Cashmere Sweater

While browsing for the perfect denim jacket to add to your staples, look for a pretty cashmere sweater to add to your purchase. Cashmere sweaters have the kind of charm that can uplift any outfit instantly and lend a feeling of luxury.

You can pair it artistically with everything, from casual outfits to even formal ones. Look trendy at any time with a pair of jeans, ankle booties underneath, and a cashmere sweater completing the flawless chic look. Or look simply elegant in a pleated or leather skirt topped with a cashmere sweater for a formal evening gathering. 

    5. Oversized Clutch

The new fashion trends dictate streamlining rather than expanding our closets. Hence, it is perfectly sensible to consider an oversized clutch bag as an absolute essential. In butter-soft styles, like the ones Lowew, Khaite, and Bottega Veneta champion, you can tuck it elegantly under your arm or carry it stylishly on the crook of your elbow. 

This staple piece pairs well with all-black ensembles, silk separate, and your fashion-forward daily looks. Add this to your staple list right now. 

    6. Two-Strap Sandals

Who said you need a pair of matching heels for every outfit? A pair of black, two-strap sandals go with just about anything. From keeping your feet sweat-free in the summers to lending your evening gown an elegant charm, this wardrobe staple is perfect all-year-round.

Besides, no woman alive can fail to appreciate the elongated appearance two-strap sandals give their legs. If you don't have a pair already in your wardrobe, now is the time to get it. A black pair preferably!

    7. Silk Shirt

No woman alive can deny feeling luxurious when she swathes herself in silk. While you may have to pay slightly more for a gorgeous silk shirt, you can consider it a worthy investment considering all the occasions you dazzle with a silk shirt. 

You can pair a beautiful silk shirt (your choice of color) over a pair of jeans, miniskirts, and whatnot. 

    8. Embellishments

The best way to wear jewelry is in abundance and with aplomb. They're the easiest ways of taking even your most simple outfits to other levels and so easy to accommodate in your closets. All it takes is to buy a selection of chains and layered chokers at your favorite shops and pair them with just about every outfit you wear to work, to dinners, and movie nights out.

Layered chokers and chins will hardly ever look ugly on a woman, but also consider adding some studs and a bracelet or two with it.

    9. Straight-Leg Jeans

It felt as if skinny-jeans would rule the fashion industry for a lifetime, but we saw that belief coming to an end. Skinny jeans no longer have a stranglehold on wardrobes. Didn't the same happen with bell-bottom jeans too?

Our case in point is that the only style that has retained its vitality is the straight-leg variety. There has never been a time in life when a pair of straight-legged jeans received criticism for being outdated.

Besides, doesn't it pair beautifully with tops, jackets, long coats, boots, and nearly everything? Yes, it does. Hence, a straight-legged pair of denim is a wardrobe staple for sure. 

    10. White Pants

You may have only given credit to your black pants for being an absolute wardrobe staple, but we want to advise you not to underestimate a white pair. White pants are as versatile as black and can look as stylish as you make them be. 

You can combine it with every color you can name, and the best feature is the added energy and fresh white bottoms that lend to the overall look. Swap your open-toed footwear for boots underneath the white pants as the seasons change. 

Final Thoughts

Wardrobe essentials mean you can create a dozen or even more looks for every event, every season, and moment in time. With key staples in your closet, you will never have to suffer a moment where you have absolutely nothing to wear. All you need is a keen eye and an open mind for mixing and matching your staples artistically.