Copal incense

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Copal incense is handmade in Mexico, harvested in the state of Chiapas, using only the best natural copal resin.

  • 10 copal incense, each one lasts approximately 60 minutes. A single stick is 11.5 inches / 29 cm approx.
  • 4 copal cones, each one burns in approximately 120 minutes. Individual cone is 2.8 inches / 7cm approx.

Highly Addictive to their smell! Woodsy & Pine scent

**Copal is a natural tree resin that comes from Mexico. It is a completely natural incense that is used to purify the energy of spaces, places, and objects and a wonderful energy tool to use during your meditations. It is also used to keep mosquitos away.

**Copal stand not included.

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The Copal incense is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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