Fashion Trends to Rock 2021

Fashion Trends to Rock 2021

2020 was a quiet year for the fashion world, with fashion trends limited to comfy PJs and faded t-shirts for most of us. Now that we're all slowly emerging out of our rabbit holes and re-socializing with social distancing rules in place, it is time to focus on our wardrobes again.

2021 is also the year we will heal and revitalize ourselves inside and out, and what better way to do that than upping our fashion games? With this mission in mind, we've rounded up the best fashion trends to help you rock 2021. 

  1. Elongated Loungewear and Good Trenches

Comfort dressing is going to be the most notable trend this year. Combining the luxury of comfort and style, the fashionistas are advocating new sweatsuits and knitwear into their collections. The idea behind this trend is to give people a wardrobe featuring practical sensibility and relaxation without compromising on their looks. 

Since the fashion conundrum has vowed to distill down to the basics this year, the fashion industry leaders will incorporate more trenches in their collection. They're going to be classic and innovative and not the typical belted fare most of us associate trenches with. 

2021 will be about interesting slits, dramatic lapels, bold sleeves, and drop waists for trenches this year. 

  1. Boyfriend Jackets with Oversized Shoulder Pads

Taking inspiration from the 80s, oversized boyfriend jackets are going to be at play, too, in 2021. You can experiment with shapes and create long silhouetted lines with these. The shoulder pads in these are going to cinch around the waist and elongate your legs. 

This look is going to ultimate chic outfit for all your outings this year. You can rock this look with leather shorts or straight-leg trousers. Outfits from this trend look ultra sexy in neutral, charcoal, and powder blue shades. If you're planning on an aesthetic yet effortlessly chic wardrobe this year, consider stocking up on the items belonging to this trend. 

  1. Button-Downs in XXL

Button-downs in XXL will be in the spotlight too. This year, it's going to be passé to believe the extra-large button-downs on your girlfriends are surely hand-me-downs from fathers, brothers, or ex-husbands. 

No, this year, all button-downs in XXL will be the vogue, and women will rock the billowing silhouettes. You can see inspiration from standard poplins and reinvent your outfits in shades of orange and pink. 

Wear them as extra wide and extra long dresses and aim for proportions to make you look like a model off the ramp. 

  1. Face Masks- Black is just the Right Color for those.

As we said, we're going to be socializing with new SOPs and social distancing measures in place. Hence, if you're to protect yourself and the others, you might as well do in style. Sleek face masks in black are just the right accompaniment for your date nights out.

They will cover you sufficiently against the virus but also glam up whatever outfit you wear. If you're planning on fancy events with friends and family, look for black masks with embellishments. Also, the ones in the silky fabric make for easy breathing and a very stylish look. 

Black offers so much versatility as it is, and a black mask would add just the right touch of glamour with color-blocking suits and red trench coats. 

  1. Petals all the Way

This year, incandescence is going to the lead, and our fashion designers are proving it with their trends for 2021. We're seeing more petals blooming this year, not only in gardens and backyard lawns but also in gala-worthy ball gowns, neon tulips, and sunny yellows.

This year is all about indulgence and freedom, springing back to life just as it is for nature in spring. With this mission in mind, the fashion leaders encourage all of us to unleash our inner incandescence and opt for more neon outfits with blooming petals. 

  1. Yellow Bags

Black and yellow are going to rule this year. Yellow bags will be everywhere, from runways to streets, and you should stock up a few varieties for yourself. It's an easy-to-replicate trend and a timeless investment. 

We firmly believe a yellow clutch or mustard tote will be very much in vogue even five years from now, so you can trust your yellow-bag collection to be a worthy investment. You can find several shades of yellow bags in all sizes and designs. They look fantastic with monochromatic ensembles and vibrant hues. 

Perhaps a canary baguette for a date night or an amber-structured handbag is just what your wardrobe needs right now. 

  1. Bold Shoulders

Silhouettes with bold shoulders are making a comeback this year too. If this look has always excited you or been a mainstay of your wardrobe, you can start planning outfits with it again. Apart from its absolute longevity, bold shoulders are going to make statements in 2021.

For the best look following this fashion trend, pair it with cinched waists or straight-legged trousers. Remember, for this look, it all about how you balance the proportions for your body. If you need any more inspiration for this one, take a look at the billowing sleeves by Loewe. 

  1. Dare to go Bare

Yes, you read that right. Remember we said we're going to find freedom this year?

2021 is going to be the year flashy, and getaway summer trends will be in vogue. You will see modern dresses in the spotlight with jaw-dropping cut out details. Summer trends are going to be about the barest minimum. 

If this fashion trend enthralls you, it is a great idea to buy some strappy and skinny flat sandals or mules in vivid colors to go with them. You can opt for multiple styles in this trend. You can pair dresses with jackets or style your cropped tops with shorts for extra fun and an ultra-stylish summer look. 

For dressier occasions, outfits with shorts or miniskirts and luxe flip-flops or high-heels will be ideal for this trend. While you're at it, see if you can get your hands on a crisp white shirt or two for the summer as well. It will give you tons of versatile options for the bare minimum looks.

Final Thoughts

Fashion trends for 2021 will run along with extended wear, comfort, and style together with fancy trench coats and bare minimum outfits for the summers. From sexiness to charm, comfort to practicality, you will find all of these in the styles discussed above.