Handmade Placemats | Dining table must-haves

Handmade Placemats | Dining table must-haves

During the pandemic, a few of us have become quite good at preparing delicious food for family dinners at the dining table together. However, a few of us are still learning how to have great conversations to go with what the great food we eat: the sort that opens new aspects, makes us feel more enlightened than we usually do and let us share feelings and fears.

Due to shifting trends, people are hosting more dinners at home than going out. At home, hosting a dinner the food might depend on the company you are having (vegans, meat-lovers, etc.) but you can use hand made decor to add more style to your party and give it the extra kick it might need.

At Kaya we sell these crochet placemats that are hand made here in Mexico by local artists. Since they are handmade each piece is unique however the quality stays the same.

Making crochet products is an art, which is transmitted from generation to generation. The placemats are handwoven by the Mayan community of the Yucatan peninsula.


We believe in having variety and keeping our styles fresh and unique. The above picture is of Kaya Placemats which are handwoven in a loom by artists in Oaxaca, Mexico and just like our crochet placemats these are also unique pieces and may vary slightly from each other.




Above are our coasters that come in the set of 6 pieces with different color outlines. These stylish coasters are 100% cotton and are very durable. Cleaning is never an issue with these coasters because you can put them directly into your washing machine.

Since the inception of our store, we have always championed local/national handmade goods by our artists and we are proud to share with you our table decor that was made right here in Mexico. These placemats are available on our online store or in our physical location which is at KM 9.5 Zona Hoteleria in Tulum.