The Most Trending Style Tips You Need to Know

The Most Trending Style Tips You Need to Know

Juggling with family, career, and other responsibilities leave us with little time to stay updated on the latest fashion trends. Do you want to know what is trending in the fashion world? Here are some tips and ways to help you stay in touch with the latest trends.

Look Slick in Stripes

They say women who love stripes are good at multitasking. There is something about stripes that makes every dress looks irresistibly cute. Whether you choose horizontal, vertical, monochrome, or nautical stripes, you can never go wrong with this dress. The best part is you can wear the pattern throughout the year because it looks great in every season.

Mix Textures and Colors

With so many colors and textures available, not experimenting with different materials and patterns is a sin. You can always look super chic if you know how to mix textures and different colors. Choose from leather, silk, suede, snakeskin print, denim, cotton, or other organic and synthetic materials. Go for natural or bold colors for making a subtle or bold impression. While there are no rules to make your outfit stand out, the most popular colors are pastels, neutral, neons, and metallics.

Wear a Blazer with a Pretty Tee

Wearing a blazer with a graphic tee shirt is all you need to make a strong impression. The look is perfect whenever you want to look both casual and dressed-up without making much effort. This trend is particularly common among celebrities but looks great if you choose the right size blazer and a nice color that suits your body.

Wear Timeless Jewelry

Building a collection of timeless jewelry accessories is all you need to guarantee an excellent look. Be it a pair of diamond studs, a solitaire ring, a zircon necklace, or a contemporary bracelet; make sure your jewelry collection has something for every look and every occasion. For instance, if you are wearing a little black dress with a u-shape neckline, the best accessory to compliment it would be a station necklace or a pendant. If you have short hair and your LBD is strapless, go for dangle earrings.

When you are sporting a pair of jeans with long boots and a casual shirt, compliment your look with a trendy bracelet or a large-sized ring.

Accessorize for the Occasion

No matter what is trending in the fashion industry, never wear something that makes you look out of place. For instance, red block-heel pumps may be in for the season, but you cannot wear them to work with your formal skirt. Accessorizing right allows you to flaunt your style and creativity the best way. For a casual look, minimal jewelry with a classic watch, and a few dainty rings add the perfect final additions to your look. But feel free to accessorize when going on a lunch or dinner date. Choose from a collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that complete your overall look. In addition to that, wear shoes that go well with your bag, dress, and jewelry. Don’t forget to add great-quality leather wallets and waist-belts to your look.

Some Valuable Tips

Let’s find out more about how you can easily adopt trending styles.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is the best way to style a different look every time. Having a closet full of accessories, scarves, dresses, belts, jeans, LBD’s, jackets, and jewelry come in handy when you don’t have enough time to go shopping. Moreover, the wardrobe is also a budget-friendly way of incorporating different styles. Remember to stock up your wardrobe with a classic pair of jeans, timeless jewelry accessories, and a few leather jackets. Your collection should be big enough to cover you throughout the year.

Build a Large Shoe Collection

You don’t have to own hundreds of pairs. But having a large shoe collection will certainly help you choose the best pair for the right occasion. For instance, if you want to sport a casual look with a dress, go for strappy sandals or colorful wedges. Most women like wearing flats with jeans. But don’t forget to have a pair of long-boots to wear with it in autumn when the evenings start becoming colder.

Hair and Makeup

Remember, less is more. Always be subtle and never overdo your makeup. Say goodbye to big hair clips and scrunchies and sport your haircut proudly. The same goes for nails. Nobody likes nails that are too long and too bright. Always choose a reliable salon or cosmetologist to work on your skin, hair, and nail. Find out about the most trending fashion styles from your stylist, as they are aware of the current trends in the fashion industry.

Choose Natural Fiber Clothing

Since the textile industry continues to be among the most polluting industries globally, switching to natural fibers is the best thing we can do to protect our planet. But apart from that, natural fibers are now incredibly popular and widely-used to create the hottest clothes on the market. Fashion designers are catering to eco-aware consumers who prefer buying clothes manufactured out of natural fibers.

Some of the most common and popular natural fibers used to create clothes include:

  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Bamboo, etc.

While synthetic fibers such as spandex, polyester, and nylon are also popular among designers and consumers, natural fibers are currently trending in the clothing and apparel industry.

Dress for your Body Type

Don’t wear it if it doesn’t fit. That’s the only rule you must follow when dressing according to your body type. We understand how challenging it is to find the best size that highlights your best curve. But paying attention to your body type is the only way to dress up the right way. For instance, if you have an hourglass figure, pick accessories that go well with it, such as flared pants, pencil skirts, and a bodycon dress.


Staying on top of the current fashion trends is not rocket science. However, mixing current fashion trends with timeless style ideas can help you create your signature look and sport the latest fashion trends.