The Art (and Pain) of Mimicking the Style and Fashion of a Famous Celebrity

The Art (and Pain) of Mimicking the Style and Fashion of a Famous Celebrity

Celebrities are highly-regarded and influential personalities. The paparazzi follow them no matter where they go, and fans praise them as role models.

Celebrities, whether sports stars or movie actors, are always under the spotlight. Fans are curious about the fashion trends their favorite icons follow. With this type of scrutiny, celebrities need to be at the forefront of the trend-setting world. 

Whether these stars follow a style trend or create it, they become icons for the latest fashion statement. These people are famous for their well-dressed figures and good looks.

But does it work the same way for non-famous people? 


Well, if you're reading this, you might be like the rest of the people who follow, laud, and try to mimic the style of their favorite icon. It is not uncommon to think about what brands celebrities wear, what designers they follow, who their stylists are, and most importantly, tips and tricks to copy their style.


While dressing or styling like your favorite star makes you stand out, it needs a great deal of time and effort. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try. If you're looking for tips to learn the art of mimicking the style of a celebrity, we have got you covered here. 


The article not only includes clever tricks to upgrade your style sense just like your favorite celebrity, but also the struggle you might need to do to get that celebrity's look.

How to Mimic the Style of a Famous Celebrity

If you want to copy the style and fashion of the most stylish celebrities of recent years, the chances are that you have been following them through social media. You might have noticed common points in their dressing, makeup, and hairstyle. This is extremely important to learn and follow the basics of styling like a star.

Here are some tips (secrets) you need to learn the art of imitating your favorite celebrity's fashion. 

  • Stay on Top of Emerging Fashion Trends

The rule of thumb to look like a celebrity is to know the raging fashion trends. Wondering why? Well, it is unlikely that you see any celebrity or star lagging on the latest fashion trends. So no matter how hard it may seem, you must take a page from your favorite star's book and do some research.

 Although platforms like Instagram have certainly made this much less of a struggle, you still need to spend some time to see what is on the top trends. Read fashion magazines, observe runway styles, pursue fashion websites, and stay on top of your Instagram.

If it seems like too much work, pick out the most stylish stars and check out their recent outfits and looks. It is the best way to understand the fashion trends that are currently "in."

  • Work with Expert and Professional Stylists

This might seem overwhelming to you, but it is one of the facts you can't overlook. Most stars and celebrities work with a personal stylist to have an edge in the style game or fashion world. But the truth is non-famous people don't have this option. 

There is no need to feel discouraged or hopeless! Finding a professional stylist on Instagram and following him or her can be an excellent alternative solution. 

Luckily, many stylists willingly offer fashion advice to people who want help. You can also implement and try their fashion tips. All you need is to do your homework to have a chance as other people have.

  • Imagine that You Have To Maintain an Image

This might sound bizarre to you, but the fact plays into the bigger picture. Celebrities put a lot of effort into maintaining a look because they have an image at stake. Sometimes they are representing a brand and need to preserve its image.  

Although you're not a celebrity, you need to feel like one to mimic their style and fashion. You need to take some extra steps to ensure you look different and stylish. It does pertain to your personality. Take some creativity and imagination that can help you pretend and act as if you have an image to maintain (which you do).  

It is important to brainstorm the image you want to uphold. Do you like to have an idea of a well-groomed person, or want people to perceive you as a super stylish person? Maybe you want to become a picture of beauty and elegance. It would help if you experimented with the looks you want to represent or convey.  

Convince yourself to work towards the desired image every day. Put dedication, effort, and time into it. Join a gym, workout at home, visit a hairstylist and think about the stuff you would require doing if you were a real celebrity.

  • Invest in Quality Designer Outfit 

Again, it may seem more like pain than the art of mimicking the fashion of a celebrity. The idea may also feel out of reach but, you can work around it. That means there is no need to drain all your money in designer clothing to look like a star. Instead, take smaller steps and transform your wardrobe slowly. 

Buy one outfit at a time. This cannot be easy if you're trying to follow the current trends. An intelligent way to stay on your budget is to avoid getting swept along by all new trends that hit the scene. It perhaps will be over before anyone knows it. 


You need to know what is "in" but not necessarily invest in every fashion trend. You must rationally and carefully decide which trend is long-lasting and suits your appearance. Try to buy pieces that will be around for a long time. Try purchasing from the clearance racks but look for only quality fabric.

These tips will help you build a wardrobe full of celebrity-like dresses.

Summing Up

 All in all, imitating a famous celebrity's style and fashion is an art and requires you to be on your toes. You have to stay updated on the current fashion trends and might have to spend a little more on the clothing. Thus, the given tips will help you keep up your style game and feel like a star.