Top 10 Fashion Trends for spring and summer

Top 10 Fashion Trends for spring and summer

As spring and summertime grow near, it's time to get a wardrobe change and adapt to the sexy and stylish fashion trends of two of the most exciting seasons. These fashion trends have brought a vital change in the fashion industry, from baggy blazers and pastel-toned suits to coordinated face masks. 

These fashion trends take plenty of inspiration from some of your favorite fashion weeks in Paris and New York. Even if you couldn't attend these events, you can always look fashion-forward by giving your wardrobe a complete makeover. Here are a few spring and summer trends to follow – they can help you do just that. 


1. Summery Yellow Bags 

The color yellow gained a lot of attention on runways this season. Most prominently, fashion critics could see the bright shade in bags. Yes, who would've thought that yellow bags would be a trending fashion item this year? But, that's the thing with fashion: it never dies out and always comes back trending better than ever. All you need is a stylish yellow structured handbag to transform any outfit into a summery one instantly.

 You don't have to worry about color coordinating as you can choose from different shades of yellow. This way, you have plenty of options to choose from when coordinating your outfits. Keep switching it up with purses, canary baguettes, and tote bags. Check out our sunshine henequen bag for a cheerful and sunny accessory this summer. 


2. Oversized Boyfriend Jackets

Give your spring and summer looks an 80s vibe by adding some oversized boyfriend jackets to your wardrobe. With this piece, you get a vintage baggy look, especially once you style them on leather shorts or straight-leg trousers. You can go for subtle pastel colors like charcoal, faded blue and other neutrals. With the right set of shoulder pads and a smile, you get the perfect Instagram aesthetic. 


3. Pastel Suits 

Pastel tones have grabbed a great deal of attention this year, especially in fashion icons' eyes. It's time to add some unique colors to your spring and summer looks by trying out pastel suits. These will make you look like a chilled sorbet during a hot summer day. You can follow this trend by opting for an oversized trench coat in lavender or green mint. Then, pair them with soft-toned separates. Or, you can go for similar colors as well. Amp things up by mixing different pastel shades for a sexier look that will surely draw all eyes towards you. 

4. 60’s High Knee White Boots 

Take a walk down memory lane with a pair of knee-high white boots, which were a fantastic styling tool during the '60s. Why limit wearing boots to the winter months when you can style them in the spring and summer months? All you need is a patterned skirt or knee-length dress, and throw in white high knee boots for an effortless look. You can pair them with black or transparent leggings, and you're good to go. 


5. The Crochet Look 

Crochet is a traditional stitching method passed on from generation to generation and now is a glamorous fashion trend this spring and summer. From crochet tops and dresses to bags, you can showcase a vintage touch in your style this season. This is among the older fashion techniques, but it has a powerful method of enhancing your overall appearance by adding intricate details. Sure, you'll look like you decided to get inspiration from your grandmother, but this season, you'll look like a fashion icon. 


6. Bra Tops 

Some girls can finally live like pop icon Rihanna who says she would wear a bra or a shirt but never both together. This bra top fashion trend can allow you to stick by Riri's words for a unique and glowing look. You can try out crochet bra tops or a bikini-styled glowing bra top. Then, style it with a high-waisted skirt. If you want to go for something less formal, add a pair of jeans. Then, you never know, you could create a trendy spring/summer look of your own! 


7. A Touch of Blue

Throw in some blue to liven up your dull outfits. This will strike the perfect balance of contrasting tones. The 'touch of blue' trend is one of our favorites, as you simply need a blue accessory like shades, a Dior handbag, or even a bucket hat. Style it with your monochrome outfit, and you will look runway-ready. It's amazing how one specific shade can brighten up your whole look! 


8. Patterned Head Scarf

Another old-fashioned trend making a comeback this year is that of patterned headscarves. All you need is a silky patterned headscarf in a bold shade, and accessorize it with your favorite outfit. The headscarf will be more than enough to give your outfit a brand-new appeal. 


9. COVID in Style 

An essential requirement from last year has now become a fashionable accessory that keeps you safe at the same time. Yes, we're talking about face masks. Opt for a silky black face mask for an Avant-Garde look. Then, style it with a classy formal outfit. The mask is the perfect accessory to highlight facial features, eyes, and jewelry. 


10. Fringe Bags 

Fringe bags are among the best trends to make an appearance this year. They add a fun personality to a crucial accessory such as bags. The fringes themselves are a great styling feature that gives a fun, throwback feeling. You can go for a shearing or leather fringe bag and match it with your outfit. The fringes create a rustic aesthetic, which is something you want to try. 


Now that you have all your spring and summer looks right in front of you, it's time to start gathering different clothes and accessories. This way, you can put together fantastic outfits for other occasions. You will look glamorous and sexy this spring and summer with these mesmerizing fashion trends of 2021.