Organic Clothing (Kaftanes & Ponchos)

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The cotton used is native to Oaxaca and Guerrero. 35 small producers. They participate in a program for organic production and the increase of biodiversity in their plots.

Our producer works to make our clothes chemical free.

Yellow: The local wild pericón is the plant used to dye fabrics yellow. This plant is harvested in summer and is used fresh.

Blue: We use indigo from the Isthmus of Oaxaca region to dye our yarn blue and green.

Brown: It is obtained from the oak bark collected in the forests of the Sierra Sur.

Pink: We use the great cochineal produced in the Oaxaca Valley.

Size: One size fits the most / Unisex. Please note that all of our process is 100% artesanal, so each piece is different and unique.

Ponchos: approx. 85 cm  / 33.5 inches long 

Kaftanes: approx. 125 - 130 cm / 49  - 51 inches long

Care: This dress has been pre-washed and line dried to avoid shrinkage. Hand wash only please do not put it in the machine or under the sun.


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Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Organic Clothing (Kaftanes & Ponchos) is for you.

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