10+ Common Fashion Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

10+ Common Fashion Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

As the summer breeze hits near, it’s time to get your summer style on and start planning all your looks. You may not have gotten the chance to try the ideal summer style last year due to the pandemic. But this is the year where you can show off all those planned outfits and new handbags. But sometimes, you tend to make silly fashion mistakes that could ruin your summer look. Below we have mentioned 10 common fashion mistakes to avoid this summer. With the help of this article, you can upgrade your summer style and pose for the gram. 

1.Summer is Not For Leather

Leather clothing has marvelously changed styling for many women out there. But this is one piece of clothing you don’t want to wear during the summers. Leather may help you feel comfortable, but at the same time extremely hot during the summer. The worst thing you could do is pair a leather pant or top with a light shirt during the summers. 

2. Limit the Accessories 

Accessorizing is the best way to add a stylish hint to a simple summer outfit. However, overloading yourself with them will just result in a hot mess. Chunky chains and bangles aren’t ideal for the summer. Hence, you want to keep it lightweight and simple, so you don’t sweat, which could also result in rashes. The best summer accessory would be this love necklace and Palm earrings from our handmade jewelry collection.

3. Wearing a Bra that’s Not of Your Size

Summers are all about halter tops and tank tops, so if you want these to look really good on you, you will have to make sure to wear the right bra. Wearing a loose bra that’s not your size could ruin your whole look and not give you a proper fit. You could opt more for strapless bras for the summer s which you would wear under your tube tops and halter tops. 

4. Flip Flops on the Beach

Another common fashion mistake to avoid this summer is wearing flip-flops to the beach. Flip flops don’t only ruin the look of your sexy beach outfit; they also make you feel uncomfortable on the hot sand. No doubt these are damn comfortable, but comfort stays at home this summer. Instead, this year should be all about looking your sexiest, especially at the beach. 

5. Choosing the Wrong Dress or Short Length 

You will obviously be wearing more shorts and dresses during the summer. Therefore, you want to make sure you wear the right length at the right time. If you plan to go for a mini skirt look, you would want to wear it at peak heat hours. So depending on the temperature and type of event you’re getting ready for, choose accordingly.

6. Not wearing an Inner under a See-through Top 

If you don’t want to steal the attention of your beautiful see-through top, then you must wear an inner inside. Not wearing one could overshadow the beauty of the top and be a major distraction. Try to wear a see-through of the same color as the top you will wear. If you’re going for a mesh top, you can try styling it with just a bra underneath, depending on the design and style.

07. Avoid Sticky Materials 

Wearing materials that stick to the body, such as jerseys, is not ideal during the summer. Firstly, it will make you sweat a lot. Secondly, it ruins your whole summer style, especially with the possible camel toe showing. Summer is no doubt all about styling with the best, But style yourself with material that won’t stick to your body.

08. Choosing one size 

It becomes much easier once you know your size from specific shops and continue to shop according to that size. But there are different clothes that have various fittings, and for this, you will have to keep changing the sizes. Buying the wrong size could ruin the outfit’s look. So if you want to style a specific outfit, make sure to try it on before purchasing it.  

09. Using Belts Just For Jeans

Belts are an essential clothing accessory when it comes to keeping those jeans or shorts high. But, they also add a lot of styles and have recently showcased more properties. So instead of wearing your belt wrong on your jeans, change it up a bit. Wear it around a loose shirt to give you a nice fit and style. For this, you can opt for chunky belts that would match the color of your outfit. 

10.Wearing prominent Thong Strings or Panty Liners

If tacky is the word you want to avoid this summer, then you have to pay more attention. Your thongs and your panty collection for the summer are especially. Sometimes wearing fitted clothes or bodysuits makes your thong strings and panty liners visible. To avoid this, you must choose more of a seamless underwear collection. When it comes to wearing thongs, make sure the strings don’t play sneak peek by going over your waistline. 

11.White on White

White may be the perfect light summery color, but wearing white on white is something you must instantly avoid. You must not wear white undergarments under white clothing as this would only highlight what you wear underneath. Instead, go for skin-toned undergarments when wearing anything white.

Final Thoughts

These fashion mistakes to avoid this summer bring you closer to becoming a fashionista this summer and slay all your summer looks. Make sure to plan accordingly and start off the summers in style. Make sure to check out Kaya’s collection, as it might help add something sexy to your summer wardrobe.