tulum beach

TULUM, a destination of tranquility

Tulum, a place associated with amazing beaches, white sand, and turquoise water. This beautiful destination is in the Mexican Caribbean and is about 2 hrs away from the closest international airport, yet people arrive in groups to discover its secrets. What is it that makes it so captivating and unforgettable? Let's discover it together.

Tulum offers a variety of activities for a holistic pallet. There are spa options like Temazcal (low heat sweat lodge), yoga classes, Ecstatic Dance(free-form movement in a judgment-free space.), Qui Gong meditation, sound healings. These holistic activities can be found from the beach to the jungle and they make Tulum a cocoon of healing. Furthermore, the vegetation surrounding the world-famous Tulum beach and the night sky is surreal. Walking through the forest makes you one with nature and connects you with the magnetic energy of the mangroves.

Experiencing Tulum depends on what pace you prefer. You can discover not only its turquoise beaches but also visit the different cenotes and lagoons that are about 5 mins away. There are dozens of different options to get in more direct contact with the flora and fauna of the region that gives it that special touch. Among the closest cenotes, is the Cenote Encantado (in the hotel zone itself), the Cenote Corazón, Cenotes Escondido and Cristal, Gran Cenote, Zacil-Ha, Garden of Eden, Casa Toruga, Dos Ojos among many others, without forgetting the Kaan Luum Lagoon. Or you can go to the beach restaurant like Be Tulum, Nomade or Ahau and enjoy a relaxing day in the sun-filled with delicious food and margaritas.



Tulum is divided into different zones and each of them has its particular charm.

The Hotel Zone(Zona hoteleria): Bordering the beach, and has managed to develop into a posh zone with delicious food, high-end shopping, and spatular sandy beaches while preserving the charm of the jungle. A lot of establishments use natural materials in their composition with unique and original designs that blend perfectly with the landscape.

Walking along Avenida Boca Paila(runs parallel to the sea), you can find a variety of artisan designs and Mexican handmade goods which range from clothing, accessories to home decoration and purchase a little piece of Tulum for yourself. Stores like Kaya Tulum, where you will find a variety of handmade goods and accessories from Mexico.

Another zone to visit would be downtown Tulum which is the true heart of this place. It is only a few kilometers from the hotel zone and has grown exponentially in the past few years. Downtown is easier to navigate since the roads are wider and traffic is low. However, there are several gastronomic options, bars with live music, street food, food trucks at a lower cost than the hotel zone.

If you want to enjoy Tulum fully, rent a car, scooter,  bike, or a bicycle. This way you can travel on your terms and won't have to rely on anyone to experience Tulum. Halfway between the beach and the town is the incipient Aldea Zama neighborhood that deserves a beautiful walk during the early morning or in late evenings. This area is also known for its unique restaurants and shopping.

Another must-see in Tulum is the Archaeological Ruins, which are at the beginning of the public beaches where one can get in touch with the socio-cultural history of the ancestors of the region. The best time to visit the ruins is either early morning or during sunsets and see the natural beauty radiate from it. Nearby you can find boat rides where you can snorkel through the nearby corals, and if you are lucky, share your swim with the turtles and manta rays.

Tulum Ruins

For those who want to explore a little more history, they can visit the ruins of COBA and of Chichén Itzá, which are very close to Tulum. You can go diving in both sea and cenotes. Both these diving experiences are vastly different from each other.  If you only want to snorkel, don't miss the Yal Kú Lagoon, where you can swim with a diversity of colorful tropical fish along with rays and barracudas. If you are in the region, especially in September and October you can witness the birth of hundreds of turtles, surely an adorable experience.

One of our favorite activities is to follow the Boca Paila, cross the Mayan arches, and enter Sian Ka’an Biosphere. Another one we can recommend is to take a roundtrip tour from Muyil archaeological zone, cross the Chunyaxché Lagoon and enter Sian Ka’an’s biosphere. There you can see animals like manatees, crocodiles, etc. living in their natural habitat.

Tulum is, without a doubt, a destination full of surprises. With its natural charm and beauty, Tulum will leave you wanting more you and will surely leave its visitors and inhabitants a spell with a particular flavor, intense, warm, friendly, relaxing, fun, and surprising. Tulum is much more than a beautiful beach; it is a complete experience that will charm you with its spell and will leave its magic forever in your heart.