VENUS - Bodychain

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Introducing the VENUS Bodychain: a blend of timeless elegance and spiritual energy. Expertly designed to celebrate body contours, it turns heads in any setting. Featuring six radiant Agate Malva stones and a protective evil eye centerpiece, this body chain isn't just about style; it's a spiritual guardian. Agate Malva is known for harmonizing the spirit, making each wear a rejuvenating journey. Perfectly suited for beach escapades or chic soirées, the VENUS Bodychain complements bikinis and gowns alike. Dive into a unique blend of fashion and spiritual resonance with VENUS.

Handcrafted with dedication in Mexico's artisanal heartlands, each piece is infused with a unique magical energy tailored to resonate with its wearer.

Product Highlights:

  • Material: Luxurious 14K gold-filled, adorned with genuine Agate Malva gemstones and a protective evil eye centerpiece.
  • Agate Malva Essence: Recognized as a power stone, it harmonizes, cleanses, and elevates the spirit.
  • Craftsmanship: A tribute to Mexico's rich legacy of handcrafted elegance.

Experience the transformative allure of the VENUS Bodychain — a symphony of design, energy, and protection.

    • Size: Adjustable chain, comfortable use.


    Care: Remove before taking a shower, care and be gentle with the jewelry, remove before making exercise, avoid using perfume or chemicals, store in a dry and cool place. 

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