How to Choose Party Dress for Yourself?

How to Choose Party Dress for Yourself?

Did you know that 13% of couples marry in May and September, respectively? That means a lot of party invitations and choosing party dresses. 

But choosing party dresses can be pretty challenging. Do you wear a skirt or a midi dress? Is it socially acceptable to wear white? Would a short dress look out of place? All this confusion leads to awful dressing. 

To save you the trouble of throwing all your clothes out of your wardrobe, we've created a comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect party dress:

A Quick Glance at Dressing up for Parties

Navigate various dress codes and look elegant by learning what different invitations mean:

  • Casual Parties- No need to worry about going overbroad. Pull-on your favorite t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers 
  • Come As You Are Parties- Dressing for these parties means you need to wear something casual but not too casual, like a poplin dress with simple sandals 
  • Dressy Casual Parties- Dress up a little by wearing fancier shoes, a snazzier top, and stylish jeans 
  • Business Parties- Spice up your workwear by trying a suit, knee-length skirt, blazer, or khaki bottoms 
  • Holiday Festive Parties- Wear something fun and stylish by choosing sequins and sparkle
  • Cocktail Parties- Go for something chicer by trying satin, silk, or velvet 
  • Black Tie Parties- Wear an elegant dress, such as a long gown, a cocktail dress, or a tuxedo
  • White Tie Parties- Look fancy and classy by going for floor-length gowns, white gloves, beautiful earrings, and a clutch purse 
  • Special Occasion Dinner Dates- Dial up your look on a special night out with your loved one by trying fancy and elevated dresses with flat sides and an under-the-arm pouch 

Things to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Party Dress for Yourself

Catch the attention of all the guests by learning to choose the perfect party dress:

Know Your Measurements 

Buy the perfect dress that complements your curves by getting measured by a professional seamstress. Get a pro or your friend to measure yourself so that you're standing up straight. 

To buy the perfect dress, you must know your:

  • Bust 
  • Hips
  • Hollow to Hem 
  • Waist

Your Body Shape

Wearing dresses that flatter your body shape makes you look effortlessly elegant and chic. Learn the basic five body shapes to pinpoint yours:

Apple Shaped Body 

People with an apple-shaped body have a broader waist and chest wider and narrower hips and shoulders. 

Flatter your curves by selecting solid dresses and avoiding prints. If you want to experiment with patterns, try stripes that run lengthwise. Moreover, wear a statement belt higher on your waist to make your legs appear taller and more elegant. 

Pear-Shaped Body

Individuals with pear-shaped bodies have wider thighs and hips with a narrow upper body. Go for boat neck dresses, A-line dresses, or strapless neck dresses to make your body look more attractive. 

You may even try halter neck dresses with an A-line design to complete your body shape.

Wedge Shaped Body 

Wedge-shaped bodied people have broader shoulders and a narrow lower body. Show off your best features by trying long pleated skirts with shirts covering your shoulders. 

Avoid spaghetti straps and strapless dresses and instead opt for collared neck dresses. 

Rectangle Shaped Body 

People with rectangle-shaped bodies don't have noticeable curves; thus, they need visual angles. Look for a dress that's wide on the top and narrows at the waist to accentuate your body shape. 

Hourglass Figure

The description of the perfect figure, people with an hourglass figure, need to focus on flaunting their figure. 

Steer clear off loose dresses and enjoy wearing fitted ones. 

Your Skin Tone 

It comes off as no surprise that particular hues look good on your skin tones, while others negatively affect it. Here's a simple guideline to purchasing dresses that flatter your skin color:

  • If black and white dresses enhance your skin tone, try blues, purples, and greens
  • If brown and off-white accentuates your skin color, go for browns, reds, and yellow

Your Budget

Determine your budget by asking yourself how much you can spend on a dress and whether you can wear it again. You'll also want to consider if you can wear the clothing in multiple seasons or events. 

You can spend more on a dress that you can wear more than once. 

Wedding Guest Etiquette

Shopping for a wedding party can be comparatively trickier. The main thing to remember is that you don't want to look like you're trying to upstage the bride. 

To be safe, don't wear white or any shades of it. If you're friends with the bride or bridal party, ask the hue of their dresses to avoid clashing. 

Party's Theme

Before purchasing a party dress, check whether it's theme-based. Here are several themes to look out for:

  • 90s Themed Parties- Look for crop tops, dungarees, rock band t-shirts, mom jeans, big hoops, chockers, and fun glasses
  • Christmas Parties- Relieve your stresses by going on a fun Christmas party while wearing red attires, green lace dresses, and refined modern jewelry 
  • House Parties- For house parties, you can choose leather trousers, shirts, distressed denim, maxi dresses, or a simple short dress
  • Masquerade Parties- Grab everyone's attention at a ball or masquerade party by going for a formal top paired with a pencil skirt 
  • Birthday Parties- Dress a little nicer for birthday parties but remember that you shouldn't be the center of attention 

Research the Brand 

Before purchasing dresses online, don't forget to research the brand's suitability. Check out past reviews from people and learn more about the store's reputation. 

Researching the store's social network is another excellent way of learning about its services and customer experience.

Be Honest with Yourself 

Be honest with yourself: do you plan on dancing like a maniac, or do you want to sit in one chair? Here's the thing:

  • If you're going to dance, you can't wear mermaid style dresses or pencil skirts 
  • If you're always hot, don't choose a thick fabric dress 
  • If you're self-conscious about your breasts, don't wear a low cut dress with a deep v-neck

Knowing your likes and dislikes is an excellent way of choosing a dress that makes you feel confident and happy.

The Bottom Line

Rock your parties by trying outfits that make you feel like a princess. It's always a wise idea to try a couple of dresses and surf before making the final purchase. Follow these tips when looking for that one dress to complement your style. For more ideas, check out our article on beach party outfits.